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Everyone in business says ‘Listen to your customers’, but even the largest companies seem to ignore the most obvious feedback of ‘silence’ followed by lack of orders.  Furthermore in the day and age in which phone conversations are harder to come by and loyalty isn’t what it used to be, you need to step up customer service, your customer’s experience and technology.

In this 40 minute webinar we’ll introduce you to Microsoft Dynamics CRM and teach you how our company uses this technology to improve customer service through a concept called nurture marketing and later how we analyze information to improve upon the results.

If you think about the question ‘How much are your customers worth vs. how much does to cost to maintain the relationship’ and understand its 5-8 times easier to sell to existing customer you’ll understand and embrace the technology and business philosophy.

Detailed Agenda

– Overview of CRM

– Social Engagement

– Nurture Marketing

– Business Processes

– Analysis

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