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  1. The 5 screens that are the foundation of CRM, the only screens that your reps need to look at (Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities (Quotes), Activity, Rep dashboard
  2. If you are a sales manager – add Opportunity dashboards by rep, company, and product line.  Microsoft added Artificial intelligence to improve the quality of sales forecasting data!
  3. There are 29 standard CRM reports, but let’s go right to the dashboards and analytics in Power BI – see below


Most CRMs will provide some basic reporting functionality:

  • Sales: looking at the sales pipeline and how the business is performing against target.
  • Marketing: tracking on campaigns from email to social media.
  • Customer data: assessing the customer profile for the business and insight on the most profitable customers.

A well used CRM system will improve your sales by 10%, add in analytics and reporting, get another 10%

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