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Introduction and Welcome

  • Brief overview of the significance of AI in business automation
  • Introduction of speakers and what the webinar will cover

The Convergence of AI and Business Automation

  • Discussion on the synergies between AI and automation
  • How Power Automate leverages AI for efficient automation

Getting Started with Power Automate

  • Basic setup and features
  • How AI functionalities are integrated into Power Automate

AI-Driven Data Processing in Power Automate

  • Using AI models for data extraction and manipulation
  • Demo: Automate invoice processing with AI

Automating Decision-making Processes

  • Implementing AI-based decision trees and rule engines
  • Demo: Automating customer service queries using Power Automate and AI

Enhancing Workflow Automation

  • Incorporating AI to analyze workflow efficiencies
  • Demo: Using AI to dynamically adjust and optimize workflows

Monitoring and Analytics

  • How to measure the impact of AI on your automated processes
  • Tools within Power Automate for analytics

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