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o Overview of AI in forecasting

o Explanation of Business Central’s Demand Forecast and G/L Budget modules

o Importance of accurate forecasting for businesses

Understanding the Business Central Demand Forecast Module

o Navigation

o Key Features and Functions

o How to setup AI for forecasting

o Analyzing past sales data to make future predictions

Advanced AI for demand forecasting

o Leveraging Power BI

o Leveraging AI builder in Power Automat

o Leveraging Azure Machine Learning

o Leveraging Chat GPT

o Data Prep and cleanup

o Adjusting parameters for more accurate forecasting

Understanding how to apply this to G/L Budgeting

o Overview of GL budgets

o Navigation

o Key Features and Functions

o Analyzing past data to make future predictions.

Key Takeaways:

o Gain comprehensive knowledge of the Demand Forecast and G/L Budget modules in Business Central.

o Understand the integration and application of AI for improving forecasting accuracy.

o Practical insight into using AI for enhanced demand and budget forecasting.

o Engage in interactive discussions and get expert answers to queries.


Participate in this insightful webinar to unlock the full potential of AI for forecasting within the Business Central environment, ensuring your business stays ahead with accurate and reliable forecasts.

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