Finance and Operations for Microsoft Dynamics

Finance and Operations for Microsoft Dynamics 365, Business Edition, is a business application that helps support anyone from small to medium sized businesses perform all their business processes. This new app features integration with office 365 that allows users to do complete tasks more efficiently than ever before. The application features 6 key application areas that help businesses perform their day to day tasks. These areas are financial management, inventory management, sales, purchasing, project management, and reporting and analytics.

6 Key Finance and Operations for Microsoft Features

Financial management allows you to streamline and automate your invoices, leverage vendor discounts or avoid overdue penalties, and improve on your ability to develop, modify and control budgets as an organization.

Inventory management helps increase visibility and efficiency in your supply chain. Out of the box solutions include built-in intelligence to assist you in optimizing your inventory replenishment to avoid shortages and possibly lost sales.

Sales helps manage your entire sales cycle from quote to cash. You can now access sales information right in outlook with the ability to send PDF attachments. Tracking customer interactions including special agreements such as discount structures.

Purchasing offers small to medium sized businesses more automation and security than ever before. With a role based system, you can avoid fraudulent purchases by using approvals at multiple levels. Automating tasks pertaining to vendors boosts efficiency in purchasing and helps ensure that purchases are made at the best possible time.

Project management allows users to monitor and control project progress and costing. You can also optimize usage levels to boost profit by planning both capacity and sales. For small businesses, it is crucial to avoid budget overages. The project management area helps easily build, change, and control budgets.

Finally, the reporting and analytics area of Financial and Operations. Centralized data with incredible integration with office 365 (such as Excel and Outlook), allow for the best decision. Power BI integration offers graphically pleasing dashboards to help you track your business performance in real time.

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