The Gartner Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence defines who is leading the pack for software offerings. As Business Intelligence software has become top of mind for businesses in every industry, the demand for software has grown. With the demand comes more and more software solutions to choose from, making the decision overwhelming for decision makers. That Gartner Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence helps businesses decide by providing an in-depth analysis of each offering. Most recently Microsoft has emerged as the leader in business intelligence software with Microsoft Power BI.

Power BI Dashboard - Dynamics NAV Data

Microsoft Power BI

Stunning graphics, highly configurable dashboards, and the integration of industry leading artificial intelligence, Microsoft Power BI has changed the game. A recent Gartner report outlined the business intelligence software industry and ranked each piece of software based on the following 15 characteristics:

  • BI Platform Administration, Security, and Architecture
  • Cloud BI
  • Data Source Connectivity and Ingestion
  • Metadata Management
  • Self-Service Data Preparation
  • Scalability and Data Model Complexity
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Analytic Dashboards
  • Interactive Visual Exploration
  • Augmented Data Discovery
  • Mobile Exploration and Authoring
  • Embedding Analytic Content
  • Publish, Share, and Collaborate on Analytic Content
  • Ease of Use, Visual Appeal and Workflow Integration

An extensive audit of each characteristic for each piece of software resulted in the following matrix:

Gartner Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence

Microsoft Power BI came out on top as an industry leader due to high scores in the following characteristics:

  • Price point
  • Ease of Use and Visual Appeal
  • Product Vision
  • Customer Experience

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