labour time reporting on site
Pictured above: the LTR on the left, replacing the old punch card system on the right.

The Vox ISM Labour Time Reporting (LTR) is a module designed specifically for the NAV platform. It is a browser based application that tracks hours for payroll (HR), jobs, and production orders.

How does it work?

To start their day employees clock in with a scan card (barcode) or by entering their employee number manually into one of the available Windows PCs, tablets, or mobile devices. Employees will then clock in and out of various jobs, and production orders as they navigate their daily shop floor tasks. This process provides HR with the cumulative hours for processing payroll, while providing shop floor managers with real-time insights into their jobs and production orders.

“Before we implemented the LTR we were having time charged to jobs that had been closed for 2 years.” – Vox ISM Windsor customer.


Tracking attendance

  • Tracks employee attendance hours
  • Generates a weekly hours summary for submitting to external payroll
  • Applies user defined shifts, breaks, and overtime rules.
  • Tracks time spent on indirect tasks and offsite tasks
  • Generates Labour Time Reports for monitoring and analyzing employee hours

Shop floor tracking

  • Jobs:
    • Resource time (employees and machines)
    • If an employee works on two or more production jobs concurrently the time is prorated.
  • Production Orders:
    • Direct labour hours and production quantities
    • Work centre time and machine downtime
    • Multiple resources tracked to the same production orders simultaneously.
    • Concurrently track time to more than one production order.

Other key benefits

  • The LTR does not use any NAV licenses
  • Real-time updates for costing, tracking, and scheduling
  • Reduction of the standard 7% error rate in tracking time for payroll, production and jobs.
  • Accurate recording with on screen verification and time sheet approval.

Get Labour Time Reporting now

Are you still manually writing up labour tickets, collecting them, paying someone to sort through and calculate your totals, and crossing your fingers a slip was not lost? All of this only to find out at the end of the month that you went over your budget? Get the real-time information on costing, tracking, and scheduling. Contact Vox ISM for more details.