We have started to use and deploy this toolset from Inogic at some of our customers, some of the functionality can be achieved automatically we powerbi but we like how it is completely integrated to CRM and uses the native views functionality.  Check it out.
Maplytics™ is a Geo-Analytics Module designed for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The objective of this solution is to allow Dynamics CRM users benefit from the power of Bing Maps. It is an easy to use/install plug and play application made available as Managed solution within Dynamics CRM and it works seamlessly with all existing components and functionality of CRM.


Maplytics is a preferred mapping solution for Dynamics CRM customers since 2010. It leverages Bing Maps for its seamless and uninterrupted geo-spatial rendering of Microsoft Dynamics CRM data and offers an extremely cost effective subscription basis solution inclusive of Bing maps paid component. It has been designed to serve multiple user roles.


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