More than 100 people including 48 CAMM members have already registered for the Manufacturing Event of the Season and are ready to witness the Digital Transformation at Windsor! The Microsoft Manufacturing Software Seminar happening on April 20th, 2018 has many of your neighbouring companies already involved.


Company Participants:

Participating companies


If you want to improve your manufacturing operations, customer service, sales, and managing your jobs then you need to invest in today’s technologies. More organizations are ditching their legacy systems for improved cloud-based software.  Call it what you will, but the message is simple, companies worldwide are shifting to the latest technology to be successful.

Microsoft Manufacturing Software for Windsor Agenda:


Jonathon Azzopardi

Jonathon Azzopardi

Jonathon Azzopardi, CAMM President will start the session by providing an update on NAFTA and upcoming CAMM Events.


Marianne Moore

Marianne Moore


Marianne Moore will provide an insight on the new update on the popular training grant for Ontario-based employers, COJG.

  • In March 2018 the Canada-Ontario Job Grant (COJG) announced several changes. Companies can get back 50-83% of their training costs based on the number of employees.
  • The organizations with less than 100 number of employees can claim 83% refund.
  • The organizations with more than 100 number of employees can claim 50% refund.


Warren Ali


Warren Ali will provide an update on ASCIP Funding Programme.

  • Companies can now get matching funds of 50% on hardware and software costs.
  • Learn how Vox ISM Helped Customers with Government Grant with a 100% Success Rate in Windsor.


Microsoft Manufacturing and Mold softwareMicrosoft

  • Next generation Labour Reporting
  • Business Intelligence and Management Reporting
  • Industry Specific Apps


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