We just had a sneak peek at NAV 2017 today up in Haliburton, Ontario as a part of our ongoing training and commitment to Microsoft and ‘I’m loving it’ to quote the catchy McDonalds’ ads.


NAV 2017 is superfast, 100% mobile, simple and works out of Outlook. Meaning you can look up a customer’s status from an email or enter an order or quote as a part of the response.

The single biggest question we have is: ‘Has Microsoft resurrected project green’?


Over 10 years ago Microsoft started project green in an effort to consolidate all of the Microsoft ERP systems and we were promised in one of the partner conferences that one day the entire ERP would be run out of Outlook – just menus and modules down the side.


Microsoft is also pushing a technology called extensions. Extensions will mean the birth of APPs for NAV, allowing partners to provide micro-vertical solutions for industries without changing any raw source code. Vox will explore converting over their labour reporting and material barcoding applications to extensions in the near future.