nissancrm The best approach to customer care and services revolves around the customer. One of Microsoft’s largest customers Nissan exemplifies this ideology in what the Japanese call, ‘Omotenashi’. Omotenashi roughly translates to ‘single-hearted’, it’s about entertaining your guests wholeheartedly without expectation of a reward. To put into the context of business it means to anticipate, and address the needs of the customer, before and during, and after their interactions with your company.

Throughout the purchasing process you shape and guide the customer’s experience, all the while paying close attention to every detail, smiling sincerely while you do it (even if on the phone) and setting a happy, relaxed mood. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is your tool to help you take care of your customers wholeheartedly with Sales and service tools that provide a guided process to taking care of your customer.

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