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Ishu Singh

Manufacturing Consultant

Ishu Singh is a B.Tech in the mechanical stream and also has done Post graduate diploma in Manufacturing Management and General Arts and Science. He is a certified Project Management Professional, Change Management Professional and a Certified IATF lead auditor.

In the seven years of his experience, he has taken companies to the next level. He oversaw Quality and strategic planning in many companies which helped the companies in achieving optimal and profitable results.

Prior to joining Vox ISM, he was working as a management consultant and also had worked in Quality Management and Production Management positions for other manufacturers and the Software companies. Ishu has worked in the supply chain of almost all of the major automotive companies like GM, Chrysler, Nissan, Toyota, Mazda etc.

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Areas of Expertise

  • Corporate Trainer
  • Manufacturing Management systems.
  • Project Management.
  • Change Management.
  • Quality Assurance and Quality Control
  • Production

Of Interest

Ishu has developed management systems from scratch for the companies which resulted in helping them to achieve IATF 16949 and ISO 9001 certifications.