Projects and Jobs in Dynamics NAV: The Key to the Bottom Line – Integration of Finance and Operations –

Many times when working with projects we find ourselves wondering “Are we winning or losing?” Often this is because of the disconnect or silos present in our company. Typically Operations is doing what it has to “Get Er’ Done” while Finance is pouring through a multitude of spreadsheets to gather project costs leaving no one with time for Project Management. World Class companies can see in real time where they are at, what are the issues and, in general, are we on target to meet budget and customer deliverables. Microsoft Dynamics helps to achieve this with the unique ability to tie both worlds together.

Projects and Jobs in Dynamics NAV: It’s all about the flow and dissemination of information to all stakeholders

Projects and Jobs in Dynamics NAV - multiple screens

We start with our Sales Quote and flow this information through to the Job, The Sales Order, The Production Order and finally the Schedule thereby creating “One Set of Numbers” for everyone to follow, Gone are the individual spreadsheets, timelines, white boards and post it notes. Dynamics NAV allows for instant feedback and communication company-wide with a couple clicks of the screen at work or on the road or on your phone in front of the Customer.

Projects and Jobs in Dynamics NAV - Production Order screen

In the day to day hectic life live we do not have time to continually update our spreadsheets or in most cases have access to the data, when the President asks how are we doing on this job people fly into a mad dash to try and create a report that hopefully comes close enough to buy us further time.  The result is we spend more time trying to create data rather than manage it so when month end arrives or project conclusion…it is actually the only time that we truly know where we stand and at that point it is too late to do anything. Having the information available in real time in Microsoft Dynamics NAV will help you achieve success and put yourself on track to truly become “World Class”.

Projects and Jobs in Dynamics NAV - Estimates vs Budget vs Actual

Throw away the White board and Clipboards!

Informed people make informed and wise decisions embrace technology and share the information with everyone, everywhere in real time.

Projects and Jobs in Dynamics NAV - throw away the white board

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