Zeshan Raja_Vox ISM

Zeshan Raja

CRM Consultant

Zeshan is a graduate of the University of Waterloo and brings ten years of experience in the telecommunications industry, implementing Dynamics CRM and other billing/charging platforms. His extensive knowledge of Dynamics CRM was gained from the execution of large-scale data migrations, deployment of custom features/solutions, and delivering in-depth training and consultation for clients worldwide.

Zeshan has successfully led several billing platform conversions where he handled real-time customer data with no impacts to critical items such as credit card and other monetary information.

Areas of Expertise

  • Corporate Trainer
  • Design and implementation of Dynamics CRM features
  • Consultation/Training
  • Effective troubleshooting of issues

Of Interest

Zeshan’s immense knowledge and functional experience of Dynamics CRM allows him to perform multiple roles at VOX ISM, including Consultant and Project Manager. He has overseen several Dynamics CRM projects go-live with successful results and feedback from our clients.