As with any new software, people are interested in what’s new. So, while there are quite a few things to check out in CRM version 9.0 (CRM 2018), here a few things I would like to highlight:

#10 LinkedIn Integration to CRM (lead, contact, & account)

#9 Improvements in Outlook Integration & CRM

#8 Canada CRM – We added Human Capital Management (HR)

#7 Power BI, Added to CRM dashboards, AI first look

#6 Editable Grids

#5 – Enhanced workflow with Microsoft Flow

# 4 Project Service & Field Service module enhancements

#3 Customer Portal – Get them to-do the work

#2 improved integration – Office, NAV, BI

#1 Technology in 2018 – $13B in R&D by Microsoft, we will do this again next year.


#1 Feature – LinkedIn in CRM, Relationship Selling

Let’s have a look at our first screen – Contact Screen, the LinkedIn integration on the right, CASL, and the Organization chart.

Linkedin Contact CRM

What I like best, is that in LinkedIn Navigator, I can hit 1 button and the LinkedIn connection will move to Microsoft CRM (moving all the current information) so you do not have to type in every connection.  This is the best marketing tool of 2018, and all it cost Microsoft was $23B to buy LinkedIn.  Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation fields were updated, and you can see the company org. chart.  People buy from people, and you can see everything about your contact on one screen now.

I hope you can spend 45 minutes with me on Wednesday Feb. 7th at 2PM on the web and see what is new in Microsoft CRM 2018.

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Jim Heaton
President, Vox ISM