Workplace Medical Corp. is tackling one of the greatest problems affecting organizations, both public and private, in Canada – employee absenteeism. Costing the Canadian economy more than $16 billion every year, absenteeism is a strategic issue impacting organizational effectiveness, profitability and employee engagement.

Founded over 65 years ago, Workplace Medical is one of Canada’s largest integrated absence management companies serving more than 3,000 companies throughout Canada and the United States.

Built upon a strong foundation in occupational medicine, Workplace Medical applies its expertise across a broad range of occupational health, employee wellness, and disability management services. The firm’s unique, integrated and comprehensive approach reduces the cost and disruption associated with avoidable workplace absenteeism.

By helping organizations prevent absences before they occur, respond quickly when workplace absenteeism occurs, and return employees to work safely and efficiently, Workplace Medical is keeping Canada working.

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