Excitement is in the air at the 2018 Emerging Technologies in Automation Conference and Trade show at Caesars Palace in Windsor, ON. Hundreds of people are in attendance, looking to expand their knowledge of the new exciting technologies for Manufacturers. Amongst the crowd of vendors, University of Windsor students and members of the press, are 10 of Vox ISM’s local customers. Adding to the hustle and bustle are the Robots zooming and buzzing around the room. Drawing the largest crowd was the all-female team of Students from the University of Windsor, who designed and built Robots that play games and simulate Robowars.

It is an impressive and organised event with several, more intimate presentations taking place in adjacent rooms. There are representatives from Automation, Automotive, Mold-Makers, AI, Funding, and Software sectors adding to and creating a dynamic event. The presentation topics range from self-driving vehicles to exciting announcements like CAMM’s recent merge, make for an interesting and diverse day.

Vox ISM is happy to announce that we are hosting a Customer Appreciation Event on November 13th at the Living Arts Center in Mississauga, ON. We hope to create a similar, exciting environment to the one our Vox ISM team is participating in today. If you wish to attend, click here for more details and registration.