Vox ISM Rolls Out Food NAVcelerator as Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 Solution


Vox ISM has launched the Food NVox ISM Rolls Out Food NAVcelerator as Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 SolutionAVcelerator, a rapid deployment template that can be deployed in a NAV on premise configuration with related set up, configuration, and master data samples. Food NAVcelerator includes a business process model based on Dynamics NAV 2015 that addresses organizational, financial, operational and regulatory business processes as well as the analytical needs in a food manufacturing and distribution organization. The Food NAVcelerator shrinks the time and cost it takes to implement Dynamics NAV for food manufacturing companies in Ontario.

“With that in mind, we know food manufacturers also have some special requirements, including the fact that goods have a limited usable life, are expected to have a consistent quality while dealing with varying raw material quality, deal with seasonality and changing taste as well as life style trends and a stringent regulatory regime” he says. “They need to react to product recalls in a rapid fashion and manage constantly changing product costs. Quality is a major concern, along with delivering the right product at the right time to the right customer.”

Compared to a traditional implementation, the VOX Food NAVcelerator solution can help save companies between 4 and 8 weeks of consulting effort in a traditional implementation and in a solution package optimized implementation. This means that in the case of implementing non-customized Microsoft Dynamics NAV designed for a given industry vertical, Vox ISM can potentially reduce implementation costs anywhere between 40 and 50 percent, according to customer reports.