Staff Meeting June 23


On June 23, the Vox ISM team got together to review their first half of the year and prepare for their second. In the first half of 2016, VOX laid the foundation for 100% open communication with their customers, giving them improved services and response times resulting in increased customer savings. In addition, Vox has continued to provide ongoing free training to their customers and prospects alike. How has Vox accomplished this?

The Vox ISM web portal, or as Vox likes to call it, their “Glass House”. Through the portal, Vox provide their customers with information and updates on ongoing projects, cases, change orders, invoices, and reports; all in real time.

Expansion! In the first half of the year Vox’s organization grew by adding additional team members: Jacob Steinfeld (CRM Consultant), Danny Arkadyev (CRM Consultant), Larry Denham (Manufacturing New Sales Manager), and David Cameron (Financial (ERP) Consultant). Each member has brought a new set of skills and a fresh look on the business while providing their customers with additional resources.

Save your money by taking advantage of the Canada-Ontario Job Grant (COJG). Vox provides all the necessary documents so that their customers just need to cross the t’s and do the i’s to grab their share of the money. This grant reduces costs by roughly 82% for Dynamics NAV and CRM implementations.

Sign up for a webinar. The software world is always advancing and so should your skills. Vox offers free ongoing training and insights into the next generation and new releases of Microsoft Dynamics for anyone interested in joining. Head over to our website ( to learn more by registering today.

For the second half of 2016, expect even more. Watch for – New training SOPs being rolled out, improved installation practices and project management, new webinar event topics and much more. Check back with us mid-July for more information.