The Automotive News Canada has released its second annual list of key Canadians to watch in the auto industry. The collection of all-stars includes a pair of VOX ISM’s Windsor customers: Shelley Fellows, VP Communications, AIS Technologies Group, and Jonathon Azzopardi, President, Laval Tool.

According to Grace Macaluso, Managing Editor of the Automotive News Canada, both of these choices of Shelley and John were no brainers. The annual list has a lot of people on it embedded in the future of the industry.

VOX ISM's customers
Shelley Fellows, left, VP communications Radix Inc., and Jonathon Azzopardi, president of Laval, chat during Emerging Technologies in Automation Conference and Trade Show presented by Windsor Essex Economic Development Corporation at Caesars Windsor Nov. 6, 2018. Picture credits: NICK BRANCACCIO / WINDSOR STAR

Shelley Fellows co-founded the high-tech innovation firm Radix Inc. (now part of AIS Technologies) in 1994 with her husband, Russ Rawlings and is chair of Automate Canada. Fellows said the honour is also prestigious from the standpoint of being a role model for other women in what is still a male-dominated industry.

“It’s a personal honour, but it’s a real vote of confidence in Automate Canada. There’s a lot of hope and expectations there. Now the pressure is on to meet them.” Shelley Fellows, VP Communications, AIS Technologies Group

Jonathon Azzopardi was selected for his advocacy role with CAMM and for his work in opening foreign markets, particularly India, to Canadian manufacturers.

“We don’t do what we do to get recognition, but it’s nice to know that other people see value in what we’re doing. It motivates us to do more. We don’t always hear the feedback, and we don’t always know if we’re making a difference.” Jonathon Azzopardi, President,  Laval Tool

Azzopardi feels his most important work lays ahead for him. He plans to step down as CAMM’s chair later this year to help bring work in expanding foreign markets.

“Azzopardi has become a strong and effective voice for the industry, especially during the free-trade friction with the U.S. He’s now trying to diversify the customer base of his members. He’s looking at places, like India, that’s poised for great automotive growth.” Grace Macaluso, Managing Editor of the Automotive News Canada

CAMM also recognized the need for an organization to represent the interests of the growing collection of automation companies that were working in partnership with his membership. CAMM helped launch Automate earlier this year and Azzopardi said Fellows was the perfect candidate to head the group.

“Automate Canada will pave the road for the transformation of the manufacturing process in the auto industry. It’s what experts believe will keep Canada viable in the industry.” Grace Macaluso, Managing Editor of the Automotive News Canada

According to Jonathon, Windsor Essex was never on the radar with Indian government and business, but now we’re on their map. Currently, some contracts are very close to being finalized in both countries.

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