Microsoft SQL Server 2008

In July 2019, many ERP customers will find themselves in a predicament when Microsoft stops supporting Microsoft SQL Server 2008 entirely, due to the end of its product life cycle. The lack of updates will leave their system open to security breaches along with ZERO support for their software. If this describes your business, there are 18 months for you to finish your upgrade before your business is at risk.

Microsoft has two major phases of support. The Mainstream Support phase and the Extended Support phase. Microsoft no longer offers non-security hotfixes once your product reaches the Extended Support phase. Warranty claims are also no longer valid in this stage along with the refusal to accept requests for new features. SQL Server 2008 has reached that phase and will completely expire in July 2019, leaving your business vulnerable.

Many of our customers have been using Legacy Systems we implemented over a decade ago that require Microsoft SQL Server 2008 updates. As robust as those systems are, they will soon experience the risks stated above. Although Microsoft SQL Server 2008 has extended the support end date to July 2019, actions must be taken to protect your business by July 2018. It takes the average business 9 months from initial conversations to final implementation to migrate to a newer ERP such as NAV or Dynamics 365. In addition, government funding can be granted by applying for the COJG (Canadian Ontario Job Grant) to cover up to 83% of training costs. The application approval process for the COJG takes an average of 3 months. This makes the entire process to go live about 12 months.\

Vox ISM can help with the entire migration process, from choosing a solution right for your business, to assisting you in the COJG application process.

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