Microsoft and Vox will host a plethora of training webinars and several in person events focused on AI in the first 6 months of 2024. These free training events typically last 45 minutes and are free and on a Microsoft Teams call. Most industry studies recommend you do a 2-3 days of training per year per employee. By attending the Vox seminars you will see what Microsoft has in store for 2024!.

Our internal review of the new Microsoft releases for 2024 have us very excited about the integration of Chat GPT/Co-Pilot into Microsoft Dynamics CRM & BC, and the entire Office stack.

AI-driven automation rapidly transforming an ERP market that continues its long march to the cloud, as many buyers seek modernization, efficiency and help with reporting. It is all about Co-Pilot in 2024.

The field of generative AI is experiencing explosive growth and creating new job opportunities across various disciplines. With the rise of powerful models and increasing demand for their applications, expertise in prompt engineering is becoming increasingly valuable. Microsoft has been adding a wide range of AI capabilities and virtual agents into Dynamics 365 that are designed to streamline sales, enhance customer insights, optimize supply chains and reduce fraud.

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