Are sellers really selling?

When I first saw this slide from Microsoft, I thought….’No, it can’t be’, ‘That’s not true’, ‘How can the average sales rep survive?….but I also come from a very sales focused organization that has used CRM for over 10 years.

In our industry (selling software and services) a decent sales rep can sell 1.7 million dollars. This would mean each hour that he works is worth approximately $850/hour.   This value obviously changes the perception between tasks that generate revenue and those that do not and we prioritize accordingly.

In your organization a typically sales representative might be doing these tasks daily.

  1. Flipping between applications (CRM, Excel, etc.)
  2. Looking up information on LinkedIn
  3. Researching the company before he makes his call
  4. Creating marketing material
  5. Waiting until he gets home to enter notes
  6. Having to phone someone back at the office to get more information
  7. Creating proposals from scratch

If he is doing any one of these tasks, he is not selling, not on the phones and not closing deals.  Ultimately this is why CRM system is invaluable because it is able to automate many of these daily tasks and free up the sales reps time.

If you need help in calculate the return on investment, it is very easy. 1 hour more * 850 dollars * 50 weeks * 5 days = $212,500. Now that sounds like a lot but how about this for a more realistic model.

You have a mediocre rep – $750,000 and can expect 30 more minutes/day selling.  This equals $93,750

Vox’s average CRM deal is around $30,000 for software and services.  This means you are up and running in less than 4 weeks.  Even if you only had 1 sales rep, your return on investment would be about 4 months.

But don’t take my word for it, come see what the software can do on Feb 17th at Microsoft Canada.

Mike Fontaine