Are you running your business off of spreadsheets?

Over the past five to ten years, companies have begun to rely on their ERP system to effectively manage their business. In the initial cycle of the ERP System, companies welcomed them; they were quoted ‘as the new way of running a manufacturing business’. The systems were designed to handle all aspects of the manufacturing business from quote through to final delivery. Powerful tools like Advanced MRP and Scheduling were going to streamline the production floor. On-time deliveries and throughput were greatly improved, inventory control was enhanced, and the finance department was getting the information they needed for reporting. Owners were able to access critical information they needed to make decisions and were satisfied. Now, after running the system for three to five years, many companies are taking another look at their system and wondering why they have come to rely on spreadsheets to get the information they used to get from their ERP system. For some, scheduling has returned to a manual process, purchasing agents are not confident in information available, and are reverting to their ‘tried and true manual’ methods to determine their purchasing requirements

This diagram illustrates what typically happens during the life span of an ERP

We call it Application Erosion

Application Erosion

Business Intelligence tools can map overtop of your existing spreadsheets – eliminating the duplicate entry.  Sometimes the business system does a great job and you are just unaware.  We can help with both

Example of BI report

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