Barcodes offers the ability to improve time management, increase productivity and reduce errors. All of these benefits improve operations that pay off in savings and increased revenue. Microsoft Dynamics provides complete control over production operations, which eliminates redundant data entry and ensures consistency and accuracy throughout the shop floor.

The work order is used to cost, track and schedule your jobs through the manufacturing process.

Barcoding Microsoft Dynamics

The benefits of Microsoft Dynamics work order are:

  • Stores information about the part, quantity, due date and customer.
  • Links to drawings, pictures and documents
  • States when its scheduled to start and finish
  • Ribbon reports will display information about shortages, subcontracting and job costing
  • Drill down to detail

Combined with Vox Labor Barcoding allows real time costing, tracking and scheduling of work orders.

Barcode Labour Entry

The Vox Labour barcoding benefits are:

  • Record the accumulation of direct hours expended against specific work orders
  • Record indirect hours not specific to a work order
  • Access reliable data about the set up and run times for a specific operation, part, or work order – BI Cube analysis
  • View the number of pieces completed in real-time
  • View more information (work instructions, drawings)