Vox ISM’s event Business Central for Advanced Manufacturing held on February 20th at Microsoft Headquarters in Mississauga, ON attracted a variety of advanced manufactures from across Southern Ontario.

Attendees joined our team on a chilly winter day to see our Manufacturing Solutions Expert, Mike Fontaine & Vox ISM President, Jim Heaton demonstrate the latest technology for financials and manufacturing from Microsoft.

Microsoft for Advanced Manufacturing

Our team demonstrated all the essential functionality required to run a successful manufacturing operation, including Quote-to-Cash Process, CAD integration, Configurator Integration, Resource Planning & Scheduling, Shopfloor Insight, Office Integration, Mobility in the Cloud, Preventative Maintenance and much more! But what all of this means is that your team can get the job done faster, smarter, better. The integrated platform and tools offered from Microsoft for Manufacturers are the leading edge of technology; no other platform can provide a robust system that Microsoft can.

And if that was not enough to peak your interest – the Artificial Intelligence into your Data Analytics will blow your mind! Microsoft’s AI capabilities are known as the Relationship Assistant Manager has the ability to notify you of recent activities and group them creating an actionable task; you received an email from a customer – the Relationship Assistant will tell you to have that you have an open opportunity with them and an opening in your calendar to schedule a meeting. Another functionality is that the AI has the capability to read customer sentiment and bring this to your attention, for example, you received an email with “I can’t find…” or “This isn’t working” and alert you that a customer may be having a negative experience and allows you to rectify in a timely manner. One of the most exciting AI functions of the Relationship Assistant is the ability to analyze your unread emails for missed requests and alert you that perhaps a response was missed. Furthermore, the reporting capability of Power BI is a game changer – the technology can intelligently read live data and display that information in a beautiful, comprehensible visual chart or graph.

All of this and more will be demonstrated at our upcoming webinar event on March 6 called Bringing Artificial Intelligence into Management Reporting at 2 pm. Join us to learn more!

Bringing Artificial Intelligence into Management Reporting – March 6 – Webinar

Blogpost by Ksenia Beljakova – Sales Team Member

Ksenia Beljakova graduated from Brock University in St. Catharines, Ontario with a Bachelor of Arts in Business Communications. Shortly after graduation – Ksenia began her career as a business owner, before moving onto Procurement & Logistics in the Distribution & Manufacturing sector.