Canadian Manufacturing CompaniesDemands of Canadian Manufacturing Companies

The future of manufacturing industry will be defined by the investments that companies are making today. Modern Canadian manufacturing companies are looking for integrated digital and physical systems, improved efficiency and individuality, added flexibility, and economic costs. Hence, to enhance every aspect of their company’s operations, every manufacturer wants to integrate machinery and factories, by leveraging data from their factory floor to the customer call centre.

Digitization is empowering modern Canadian manufacturing companies by facilitating a customer-centric approach while optimizing operations. With the help of the power systems, manufacturers can hence engage with the customers throughout the product lifecycle.

Microsoft has a vision for supporting digital manufacturing by embracing the quivering shifts in the industry. Let us give you five reasons why every Canadian Manufacturer needs Microsoft Dynamics 365:

Share Customer Knowledge Across All Departments

With the help of Dynamics CRM’s remarkable mobility, departments can share the data and can access it anytime increasing the overall productivity. Also, it helps you to investigate the relationships within your company. With this, you can get introduction points to the people you need to contact to close the deal closed.

Customer-Specific Quotes

Dynamics CRM can generate quotes from your database by analyzing customer-specific data. This can also help you to quote your production and delivery schedules and track consignments correctly.

Manage Relationships

With Dynamics CRM you can manage all kind of relationships with any stakeholder. Also, you can revolutionize your customer service with Dynamics CRM’s great lists and relationship insights.

Examine Your Channel and Vendor Data

Dynamics CRM empowers you to see which distributor is driving your business by examining sales linked to that vendor. Hence, this feature helps you to make intelligent partnerships decisions.

More Power at a Lower Price

Compared to the other CRM solutions Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM delivers the most distinguished combination of functionality, management, content, and price.

Microsoft Dynamics for Manufacturing

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