A Walkthrough of Microsoft CRM

A Walkthrough of Microsoft CRM

· Contact Management
· Pipeline Management
· Configuring the screens
· Dashboard and Reports

Microsoft Software for Canadian Business's in 2024

Microsoft Software for Canadian Business in 2024


  • Brief welcome and overview of the webinar’s focus on Microsoft Copilot, Power BI, and Microsoft Business Central.
  • Quick outline of how these tools are shaping Canadian business landscapes in 2024.

Microsoft Copilot: Enhancing Business Operations with AI

  • Overview of Microsoft Copilot’s features and its role in modern business environments.
  • Discussing the benefits and innovative uses of Copilot in Canadian businesses.

Power BI: Transforming Data into Business Insights

  • Introduction to Power BI and its capabilities in data analysis and visualization.
  • Exploring how Power BI drives decision-making and strategy development in various industries.

Microsoft Business Central: Streamlining Business Management

  • Discussing the comprehensive features of Microsoft Business Central.
  • How Business Central integrates with other Microsoft tools to provide a unified business management solution.

Combining Microsoft Tools for Maximum Efficiency

  • Strategies for integrating Copilot, Power BI, and Business Central.
  • Real-world examples of Canadian businesses successfully utilizing these tools.

Microsoft CRM Sales & Marketing, Working together

Microsoft CRM Sales & Marketing, Working together

Unify your Sales and Marketing teams with Dynamics 365 to create a seamless, efficient, and collaborative environment. Experience enhanced communication and data sharing, ensuring both teams have access to real-time insights and customer information. This integration enables more effective targeting, personalized marketing strategies, and a streamlined sales process, leading to increased customer satisfaction and boosted revenue. With Dynamics 365, break down the silos, align your teams’ goals, and watch your business flourish as your teams work together more efficiently and productively than ever before.

There are 6 steps to getting Dynamics 365 for the Sales CRM system to really help your sales reps. to sell more. In this webinar, we’ll cover them:

1. The foundation – the 5 screens that every sales rep uses (Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities, Activity, and a dashboard)

2. Making it easy for the rep, including working on your phone, from home, and directly in Outlook with all your information available

3. Tools for the sales manager

4. Boost productivity with built in integration to Office, LinkedIn & Accounting info

5. Generate hundreds of leads to call through marketing campaigns.

6. Collaborating & Communicating with co-workers and generating proposals and paperwork with Teams

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Dummies

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Dummies

1. What is CRM
2. Contact Management
3. Leads and Opportunities
4. Products and Services
5. Quotes and Orders

Microsoft CRM for Dummies

1. What is CRM
2. Contact Management
3. Leads and Opportunities
4. Products and Services
5. Quotes and Orders

How to use AI: Sales and Marketing

How to use AI: Sales and Marketing

Using AI in Sales and Marketing with Microsoft CRM

The Current Landscape of Sales and Marketing

  • Traditional methods vs. AI-driven approaches
  • Why adopting AI tools is essential for competitive advantage

Introduction to Microsoft CRM for Sales and Marketing

  • Overview of Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM features relevant to Sales and Marketing
  • Importance of CRM in implementing AI strategies

AI in Lead Generation and Customer Segmentation

  • How AI can help in identifying and segmenting potential leads
  • Demo: Using Microsoft CRM for automated lead scoring and segmentation

AI in Customer Journey Mapping

  • Discussion on how AI can track and analyze customer touchpoints
  • How Microsoft CRM integrates AI in mapping customer journeys

AI in Content Personalization and Marketing Campaigns

  • Importance of personalized content for increased engagement
  • Demo: Using Microsoft CRM’s AI capabilities to tailor marketing campaigns

Sales Forecasting with AI

  • Utilizing AI algorithms for predicting sales trends and customer behaviors
  • How Microsoft CRM aids in accurate sales forecasting through AI

Microsoft CRM Reporting & Analytics for Driving Sales

Microsoft CRM Reporting & Analytics for Driving Sales

Webinar Agenda:
1. Everything works together in the Cloud in 2023
2. The 5 screens at the heart of the CRM (Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities, Activities, and
your Dashboards).
3. Work anywhere (Mobile, out of Outlook)
4. Core CRM reporting for both reps and sales managers
5. Advanced Reporting
• Analytics from Power BI
• Sales Forecasting using Artificial Intelligence (AI)
6. Microsoft 2023 Pricing

Microsoft 365 for Dummies

Microsoft 365 for Dummies

1. What is CRM
2. Contact Management
3. Leads and Opportunities
4. Products and Services
5. Quotes and Orders

Marketing Power Plays in the Digital Age


Welcome and context-setting for modern marketing in the digital era.

A snapshot of how marketing has evolved with digital advancements.

The Digital Age Consumer

Profiling the modern consumer: behaviors, preferences, and expectations.

The significance of digital touchpoints in influencing buying decisions.

Emerging Marketing Trends

The rise of content marketing and its importance in storytelling.

Data analytics and AI-driven marketing decisions.

The resurgence of email marketing with personalization and automation.

Sales 2.0: Unleashing the Digital Revolution

  1. Introduction
    • The evolution from traditional sales methods to the digital revolution
  2. Defining Sales 2.0
    • What is Sales 2.0 and how does it differ from traditional sales?
    • Key components and tools under the Sales 2.0 umbrella
  3. The Digital Consumer
    • Understanding today’s tech-savvy buyer
    • Changing expectations and behaviors in the digital era
  4. Technological Drivers of Sales 2.0
    • CRM systems, AI, and predictive analytics
    • The role of social media and online communities in shaping modern sales
    • Mobile and cloud technologies empowering sales teams
  5. Strategy Overhaul: Embracing the Digital Approach
    • Integrating digital tools into the sales process
    • Importance of data-driven decision-making
    • Cultivating a digital mindset among sales teams
  6. Benefits of Adopting Sales 2.0
    • Improved customer insights and personalization
    • Efficient lead generation and faster conversion rates
    • Enhanced team collaboration and remote selling capabilities
  7. Challenges & Solutions
    • Addressing common obstacles faced during the transition to Sales 2.0
    • Proven strategies to overcome resistance, build skills, and optimize digital tools