Engineer to Order ERP with Microsoft Dynamics

Engineer to Order (ETO) involves complex manufacturing processes using unique sets of item numbers, bills of materials, and routings. Lead times are long. It is integral to track your own internal information to stay competitive in costing, inventory tracking, production control, and vendor management. Do you have a solid engineer to order ERP system? Your reputation and bottom line are at stake.

Welcome Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft Dynamics to help all its engineer to order ERP clients. With Microsoft Dynamics, your ETO business will, for the first time, consolidate all the different “islands” of data that currently exist as separate systems. With Microsoft Dynamics NAV and GP, watch your ETO business streamline the following areas:

Basic Business Tracking

ETO requires a strong, reliable system at its core. Microsoft Dynamics contains all the fundamental elements that you will require such as Accounts Receivable (AR), Accounts Payable (AP), General Ledger (GL), Human Resources (HR), fixed assets, inventory management, production, purchasing, receiving, sales, shipping, production management, quality management, vendor management and more. One structure that encompasses all your data silos – just like that.

CAD System Integration

Microsoft Dynamics offers 2-D and 3-D CAD integration, so your information is truly housed in one system.

Production Process

Your production process will vary in complexity from job to job. Microsoft Dynamics has the flexibility to keep operations controlled and predictable no matter the particulars. Barcode scanning and image scan/store? Your technology needs can all be accommodated through Microsoft Dynamics. From simple warehousing requirements for picking to multiple facilities with detailed material and labor tracking, The Vox Vertical Accelerator will help you implement a system that suits your environment.

Your Microsoft Dynamics Training

When individuals in management positions are equipped with the right information and tools, your ETO business can increase its client base and outpace the competition. We will show you how different members of your team can use dashboard and workstation views so that relevant information is always easy to find – no matter who in the company is looking for it. End-users will have access to information to make them self-sufficient within their role. Executives will have summary metric information and the ability to drill down and see what it comprises at an operational level. Microsoft Dynamics’ various tools combine to provide a level of efficiency and visibility beyond other software systems – and it is all based on the low-risk Microsoft business software trusted by over 75,000 companies!