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Gain practical insights and proven strategies for optimizing shop floor operations. Discover how to enhance efficiency, reduce downtime, and increase productivity, ensuring a smoother, more profitable manufacturing process.


1. Overview of Manufacturing Capabilities in Business Central

2. Planning and Scheduling

3. Workforce Management

4. Leverage Technology

5. Maintaining Equipment

6. Quality and Safety

In this presentation, explore a comprehensive guide to managing a successful shop floor with the most advanced tools and technologies.

Begin by assessing your shop floor’s capacity and resource utilization, laying a strong foundation for enhanced efficiency. Discover methods to instantly capture and relay time data from the shop floor control workstations and learn the art of summarizing and showcasing this information through intuitive dashboards.

Dive into workforce management with the Dynamics 365 Human Resources module. Explore the power of Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things in boosting operational efficiency and harnessing optimal output.

Conclude by establishing a robust preventative maintenance system in Business Central, complemented by efficient capturing of quality and safety records, ensuring your shop floor not only runs seamlessly but also stands the test of time.

Embark on this journey to streamline your shop floor operations, ensuring they are as efficient, productive, and technologically advanced as possible.

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