Great news for southern Ontario manufactures, the Yves Landry AIME and CME SMART funding are back!

Ontario ManufacturingOntario manufacturing is booming. Thanks to a weak Canadian dollar, rapid U.S. economic growth and lower oil prices. However, old technology and low capacity has many businesses feeling unprepared to keep-up with the increased production demands.

But thanks to programs like CME SMART, there are federal government funding programs designed to support manufactures who wish to adopt new technologies to improve their competitiveness. These popular programs have been revamped and renewed with a combined $30-Million in funding, and are now accepting applications!

As a Microsoft Dynamics Gold Partner for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) we are in a unique position to help Ontario manufacturing businesses. We are based in Ontario, have already modified Microsoft Dynamics NAV to comply with Canadian and Ontario requirements (measurements, taxes, etc) and by industry vertical. We reduce implementation time and cost by 50%.

We also help our customers fill-out and submit the required applications so they can benefit from these amazing grants provided by the Ontario government. But the funding is limited and it is best to act fast! A little more on the various programs available.


Advanced Technologies for Global Growth supports manufacturers who wish to adapt or adopt advanced technologies to improve their competitiveness. Applicants may access up to $15,000 towards the costs of an assessment to identify opportunities for improvement, and a further $100,000 to implement these improvements through the purchase and installation of new plant equipment and software.

Yves Landry AIME Global
Yves Landry FoundationThis program provides funding for training expenses that will support innovation in manufacturing. Applicants may access up to $50,000 for employee training or skills-upgrading activities such as developing new engineering skills, training in the use of new software, hardware or other tools necessary to support innovation; and training to adopt and adapt new technologies or new manufacturing methods.

If you are a manufacturer employing 10-1000 workers in Southern Ontario, and have been in business for at least 3 years, you could be eligible for significant funding through these programs. Applicants must be exporting their products or be able to clearly link their project to an increase in global competitiveness

Additional Funding Available

This initiative supports eligible SMEs to undertake activities related to:

  • Adapting or adopting new technologies, processes, and related skills development;
  • Business opportunity development, growth and integration in global value chains;
  • Facilities improvement or expansion;
  • Market development and expansion; and
  • Business expansion to support greater economic diversification.

Canada-Ontario Job Grant

  • Provides direct financial support to individual employers who wish to purchase training for their employees.
  • Provide up to $10,000 in government support per person for training costs.
  • Require employers to contribute one-third of the total costs. There will be additional flexibility for small businesses to provide an in-kind contribution towards their share of the costs.
  • Require training to be delivered by an eligible, third-party trainer.

Vox Financial consultants will assist you with the application process. Call David Barsanti at 905-419-0098 to schedule a meeting.