Blog post by Mike Fontaine – Microsoft Solutions Expert.

Pre-Covid my average week looked something like below:

Microsoft Teams_1

Post-Covid, we stopped all travel to customers and focused more on working remotely, collaborating and sharing screens using Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams_2

As you can see in the above picture, my meetings went from 5 to 50, and the downtime in the car converted into value-added time, allowing me to do more within the week.

Yes, there still is a need to see people in person but remote support via Microsoft Teams facilitates:

  • Better customer service (you are always available to pick up the phone)
  • Converting Travel time to value add (selling, supporting, billing, etc.)
  • More frequent collaboration/Staff meetings

At VOX ISM we did quarterly staff meetings.  Since March, we moved to weekly staff meetings which have improved our operations, communication and strategic direction.

Microsoft Teams

So if you haven’t seen Microsoft Teams or know how to use it, please come and check out our free training on November 3.

Microsoft Teams - The New Hub for Teamwork in Office 365 - November 3 - Webinar