The Association for Supply Chain Management (ASCM), an organisation for supply chain, had its initial launch on 30 September.


As the supply chain landscape is changing at an increasingly rapid pace, the ASCM will focus on supply chain organisational transformation, innovation and leadership.

Formed on the foundation of APICS, ASCM will be the supply chain management association and an industry leader in certification, training, and networking.

“ASCM is the leader for end-to-end supply chain management, bringing corporations and professionals the latest ideas and proven best practices to help transform supply chains. We want to empower both the people who elevate supply chains and the companies who utilize them.

With ASCM, we recognized an exciting opportunity with this new association to expand our reach and elevate our position even further. Something special is happening in the supply chain.As supply chain practices rapidly evolve, organizations need accessible tools and resources from an unbiased partner. ASCM is ready to make a powerful impact on the industry, corporations and their workforces.” – CEO of APICS, Abe Eshkenazi, CSCP, CPA, CAE

ASCM will provide learning and development through a powerful global network of alliances and thought leadership collaborations.

It will also offer the first comprehensive corporate designation that enables organizations to assess their supply chains in key areas for maximum sustainability, scalability and competitive advantage.

Group learning

ASCM Website FAQs

What is the mission of ASCM?

Our mission is to be the global leader in supply chain management transformation — every aspect, every audience. We will continue to hold ourselves to the highest standards, while we constantly redefine what’s standard. We are and will be driven by a desire to do more than just move the dial — to propel supply chain forward and transform how organizations do business.

What is new and different about ASCM?

ASCM’s largest differentiator is our network of global alliances and thought-leadership collaborations, which allows us to provide products and services for supply chain leaders and global organizations that have an end-to-end impact on supply chains around the world.

What is the mission of ASCM? What will happen to APICS?

The APICS brand and logo will continue to be a part of ASCM. APICS credentials (CPIM, CSCP, CLTD and SCOR-P) and the APICS body of knowledge will continue to be a global standard in learning and professional development for 60 years. Companies around the world recognize APICS certifications when recruiting and making hiring decisions. APICS North America Chapters and International Partners have been integral in providing members and candidates with the networking and training necessary to enhance their careers and earn their APICS certifications. Therefore, we will continue to uphold the credibility and integrity of the APICS learning systems, training and certification programs – all under the ASCM umbrella.

What is the ASCM Global Network?

ASCM works with a global network of world-class organizations. These collaborations fuel opportunities to initiate supply chain innovation and deliver a portfolio of products and services to our members and customers worldwide.

ASCM is expected to launch early in 2019.