Mobile ERP is an Enterprise Resource Planning system that can be accessed through mobile devices. Users can access the system using a standard browser or mobile apps. Being able to access your business software remotely means staff and field service personnel can capture and enter data wherever they are from the warehouse to the customer site. For this reason, mobile ERP solution plays a vital role in running a business smoothly.

Companies get benefited from higher productivity, competitive benefits, extensive business relationships and data capturing. Most of the companies have also started developing mobile ERP applications for reporting and dashboards. In coming years, companies will demand for more mobile solutions as end users seek to carry out ERP processes on the move via their mobile devices.

Your Legacy ERP System Is Holding You Back

Legacy ERP systems cannot offer you the accessibility a mobile ERP can. Today, every business is embracing mobile technology as it provides a complete view of business activities by just a simple login from anywhere.

Mobile ERP and Manufacturing

As the manufacturing industry grows, ERP software continues to evolve and improve, with software companies continually launching new applications. Each of these applications seeks to address the changing needs of the industry. The addition of mobile ERP provides another such opportunity. Manufacturing companies should not overlook the need for switching to mobile ERPs when everyone is doing so to keep up with the competition.

Mobile ERP

4 Ways Manufacturing Can Benefit from Mobile ERP

  1. Remote accessibility

Mobile ERP system gives manufacturers the convenience to access ERP application from a mobile device at any location. From procurement, inventory, and supply to logistics data are stored in ERP can be easily obtained by any mobile device. So, it improves customer experience as employees, managers, and sales managers can conveniently access data.

  1. Reduced costs

Another way manufacturing companies can get benefit from mobile ERP is through reduced costs. By centralizing data and allowing all departments access from mobile devices, ERP solutions mitigate both operations and administrative expenses. Operations can be managed from any location, minimizing delays and disturbances. Decisions can be made instantly. Also, mobile ERP provides a more comprehensive and enhanced system of visibility and tracking, from components and supplies through completed products and delivery, helping identify any potential areas where time or costs could be improved.

  1. Real-time updates

In production, receiving real-time notifications and alerts is essential to have complete visibility of the stocks and everything. Hence, this clarity on the production activities permits managers to keep track of all of the processes and update work orders. With mobile ERP system, workers can track activities of the inventory, warehouse, supplies, and equipment sections.

  1. Improved Communication and Collaboration

When a company grows, departments tend to develop their separate databases of information. This separation can lead to communication challenges. As a result, the integrity of company data can be compromised, leading to production mistakes, lost product, and decreased sales. ERP solutions ensure that all information from all departments is maintained in a central database, accessible to everyone. Using mobile ERP, users in any department can access this information from any mobile device. Also, mobile ERP allows departments to collaborate on projects, offer input on issues, or discuss topics.

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