Do you find your inventory has increased but sales have not? And in turn, asking how this is possible?

You may not be the only person asking this question. It’s likely others are seeing a similar result. Recently, we have been working on business intelligence cubes that identify why this is happening.

It starts off by comparing different periods of time.
inventory excellence 1

Then pinpoints different groups of products, in order to truly recognize where the issues may be.

inventory excellence 2
It will also give you the ability to drill down and determine what purchased products are still ‘hanging around’. As well as determine which products are moving.

inventory excellence3


Thus providing the business intelligence needed to make informed and profitable purchasing decisions.

After looking at the information. If you conclude the following type of statements:

  1. Yes we purchased them
  2. Quite some time ago
  3. We have not used them
  4. And have no intention of using them anytime soon

Chances are you will be able to save the company an awful lot of money. By simply using this Business Intelligence to make well informed, thought out inventory and purchasing decisions.

These are just a few of the new tools that are available with the Vox ISM Vertical Accelerator.