I have a confession to make. For the past 10 years, I have never been a huge fan of the report designer in Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Don’t tell anyone, but from NAV 4.0 to NAV 2013 the report writer left a little to be desired. Today I discovered Jet Express for Word and it completely changed my attitude.

Jet Express for Word is a new feature available to Microsoft Dynamics users, which makes it easy for end users to design NAV documents in Microsoft Word. This feature is part of Jet Express for Microsoft Dynamics NAV and is available to NAV 2015 users.

No programming is required. Just open your documents in Microsoft Word, a program you already know, to make layout changes to documents such as invoice or credit memo layout. This interface also allows users to search NAV fields in plain text and double click to add anywhere in the Word document.

Create a layout from scratch, choose from templates we provide or those from the Office Store. Add company logos, change fonts and customize for departments and regions easily. Upon completion the temple can be imported into NAV for ease of use within the system. Orders, quotes, credit memos and invoices all designed and imported no fuss, no muss.

These instructional videos will give you a jump-start on using this incredible new feature:

Word Layout Reports in Dynamics NAV 2015:


How Do I: Customize Word Layout in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 – Simple Formatting


How Do I: Develop Word layouts in the Development Environment in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015


How Do I: Use Jet Express for Word as Word Layout Creating Tool in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015


Mike Fontaine