The pandemic has required manufacturers and other organizations to make big changes to how they do business.

One of the most common challenges manufacturers face is how best to create an environment that boosts the quality of their products and services while keeping expenses low.

Productivity is lost every time someone in any organization views, touches, files, or searches for (whether they find what they’re looking for or not!) a document, email, or electronic file.

In addition to the typical AP automation need, IDC estimates that manufacturers can enable each person outside of the accounting and finance departments to save as much as 26 hours per week that they waste now when working with delivery, compliance, certification, and other manufacturing-specific documents.

Document Automation

You instinctively know there are apps to improve productivity, but which one can deliver substantial value quickly? Datahaven is here to help.

We have helped organizations implement comprehensive document automation and workflow solutions for over 25 years. Datahaven 365 will streamline the process of filing, organizing, approving, and finding the transactional documents such as certificates of analysis and conformance that keep your manufacturing business running.

Below are the steps we recommend you take to get your organization on a paperless path. These steps can be taken in a relatively larger project or phased-in over time as smaller, individual projects.

Document Automation_1
  1. Capture and store all business documents in digital form no matter where they arrive or are generated in the organization to ensure all document types are accessible.
  2. Automatically name and file these documents, emails, and other electronic files with one or two clicks into pre-defined folder structures for quick retrieval.
  3. Use OCR technology for automated data entry.
  4. Evaluate solutions that are embedded in your ERP, CRM, and other systems (such as Outlook and Teams) so that everyone has instant access to all related documents
  5. Automate your business rules with workflow solutions that are flexible enough to handle complex processes as you grow.

When planning your year-end, you can solve a big headache for your manufacturing business by investing in embedded document management, workflow, and OCR solution designed for manufacturers using Business Central.

Learn more about Datahaven at the Best Manufacturing Apps Conference on September 24th at 1:30 PM (ET).

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