The top fear for many businesses while moving to the Cloud is security. Companies think that corporate spies, cybercriminals, and governments will access their data if it’s in the Cloud.

But the fact is that it’s your data, not anyone else’s. Closer to home, your IT department manages access, sets up user rights and restrictions, and provides access to smartphone devices and options. Additionally, your organization remains the sole owner: you retain the rights, title, and interest in the data stored as part of Microsoft Cloud apps.

Moving to Microsoft Cloud

Microsoft has designed strict controls and design elements to prevent your data from mingling with other organizations, and our data center staff never has unprivileged access to your data.

Microsoft is the first significant cloud provider to adopt the world’s first international standard for cloud privacy. The standard establishes a uniform, global approach to protecting privacy for personal data stored in the Cloud.

Microsoft invests more than $1 billion each year in security and builds its threat detection using 300 billion user authentications, a billion Windows devices, and 200 billion emails each month. 

When safeguarding your data, Microsoft Cloud operates under several key principles: 

• Microsoft will never take your data for advertising or any purpose other than providing you with services you have paid for. 

• If you ever choose to leave Microsoft service, you take your data with you. 

• Microsoft’s privacy controls allow you to configure who your organization has access to and what they can access. 

• Microsoft provides extensive auditing and supervision, which prevent admins from unauthorized access to your data. 

Your IT department is busy managing disconnected systems, apps, and data with inflexible and sluggish systems. They take flak from employees and partners asking for access to the corporate network and new tools. It isn’t easy to squeeze in even a few minutes to keep up with new tech products and evaluate everything you hear. 

Moving to the Cloud promotes agility and collaboration, reduces your total cost of ownership, and keeps your workloads current, simplifying how you manage your IT infrastructure.

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