I and 125 fellow Western MBA alumni attended the Artificial Intelligence (AI) session at Deloitte’s last night in Downtown Toronto.  The key topic was the rapid advancement of AI in our daily lives.  What was most surprising was that > 50% Canadians are not at all aware of these rapid changes.  The main message from the panel of 5 hosts was that AI is in its early days.

As a Microsoft implementer of Copilot, this was never mentioned, even though it is the most commonly used AI after Chat GPT and will become # 1 soon.  Why?? – Copilot is heavily integrated into Office 365 now (the most commonly used software in the world today) and Microsoft is devoting $13 Billion in R&D for Copilot this year, a huge sum!

Vox uses Copilot daily, the expected benefit is a 19% reduction in effort, per US Government studies.  Well worth the time to learn.