I’m just starting to explore the business applications for the Microsoft Machine based learning services that are offered in Azure and through the Power BI functions of Office 365.

Simply put Microsoft Machine Learning allows you to perform sophisticated data analysis without the need to be a data science expert.  Its most powerful application is predictive analytics.

I can barely remember regression algorithms, binominal distribution and exponential smoothing from University but know that the application is to generate models to answer questions in Manufacturing and Distribution like ‘How likely will this customer continue his service.  How much inventory should I stock next month.  What is my optimum minimum run size.


types of apis


This service is one of the free ones Forecasting – AutoRegressive Integrated Moving Average 

It requires programming in C# to pass the data from a csv to the webservice.  My C# and C++ skills peaked at 18 so I think I need help from my developers to continue but I will post the results of my experiments here for people interested.

The benefit to existing Dynamics NAV users is that you will not need to purchase high end forecasting software and that this technology will be included in our Vertical Accelerator.

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