Managing projects and jobs in NAV

The Problem

Many times while working on the projects we find ourselves wondering “Are we winning or losing?” Often this is because of the abysses present in our company departments. Typically your Operations department is busy doing what it has to “Get Er’ Done”. Your Finance department is pouring through a number spreadsheets to gather project costs. In the end, you have no time for managing the project or the customer.

World Class companies can see in real time where they are. They can assess what the issues are and, are we on target to meet both budget and customer deliverables (time and budget). Microsoft Dynamics NAV helps to achieve this with the unique ability to tie both worlds together.

The Solution:

Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP system delivers a complete software solution designed to assist in profitably managing every step from resources and budgets to jobs and invoicing. An accelerated workflow via automation helps to monitor ongoing projects better while also preparing for long-term plans.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV helps in:

–  Managing project costs and schedules, communications, and documents

– Automating billings, and revenue recognition

– Tracking and scheduling your resources (labor and equipment)

– Microsoft Dynamics NAV helps you to streamline communication between on-site staff and the head office. It improves customer service by providing a user-friendly interface which enhances collaboration with web portals and other project archives.

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Projects and Jobs in Dynamics NAV: It’s all about the flow and dissemination of information to all stakeholders

Managing Projects and Jobs in Dynamics NAV 2018


Dynamics NAV allows for instant feedback and communication company-wide with a couple of clicks of the screen at work or on the road or your phone in front of the Customer.


In the day to day hectic life, we do not have time to update our spreadsheets continually or in most cases have access to the data. When the President asks how are we doing this job, people fly into a mad dash to try and create a report that hopefully comes close enough to buy us further time.  The result is we spend more time trying to develop data rather than manage it so when month end arrives or project conclusion it is the only time that we truly know where we stand and at that point, it is too late to do anything. Having the information available in real time in Microsoft Dynamics NAV will help you achieve success and put yourself on track to indeed become “World Class”.

Throw away the Whiteboard and Clipboards!

Informed people make informed and wise decisions embrace technology and share the information with everyone, everywhere in real time.

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