Cost of a Mispick

What is a Mispick?

A Mispick is when a picker picks the wrong item or the wrong quantity of an object, and enters it into the delivery process. The cost of a Mispick includes not only the price of the item but also the expenses associated with shipping the item back, processing it upon receipt, returning it to stock, and loss of customer satisfaction.

Results of a Mispick

– All the labor gets wasted from the moment the Mispick occurred.
– The correct item must be sent out, and the incorrect one has to re-processed, or written off.

In the order fulfilment industry, Mispicks occasionally happen. While it is easy to write these errors off as simple mistakes, many organisations are discovering the hidden costs of dealing with incorrect items in orders and the investment required to address these inaccuracies.


There are ways that organizations can reduce the cost of a mispick and move closer to perfect order fulfilment. DMS InsightWorks provides solutions like Warehouse Insight to help eliminate picks. Warehouse Insight focuses on a few critical issues to improve warehouse management:

Mobile capabilities: The solutions that will drive the most value for businesses are those that enable the use of handheld wireless barcode scanners as well as those that can support the latest industry-standard mobile terminals.

ERP integration: The ability to link the solution with the company’s ERP platform (such as Microsoft NAV) helps further streamline proper warehouse management.

Granular tracking: In addition to barcode scanning, a solution that can capture transaction lot and serial numbers are particularly beneficial.

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