How To Track Resource Training Certifications - Microsoft Dynamics 365

Why is Resource Training Certification Important?

Managing resource training certifications throughout an organization is essential, especially with the number of liability issues that come from an uncertified worker completing a task they are not certified to do. For example, an uncertified worker may drive a forklift and run over a fellow employee’s foot.

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How To Track Resource Training Certifications?

Avoid such situations by using software packages such as Paymate’s Harmony and Clarity, which helps you to manage your resource certifications.

Their HR Database module, included in both Harmony and Clarity, support the following HR functions:
• Family and emergency contacts
• Benefits and benefit plans
• Absenteeism
• Performance Management
• Trend Reports
• Training and Certification
• Career and Succession Planning
• Vacation and sick pay
• Medical information
• Banked overtime
• Workplace accidents and injuries

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