The COVID-19 pandemic has irreversibly remodelled how we work. Flexible work has become the new norm and has led many companies to move to the cloud. As per Microsoft’s Work Trend Index, more than 80% of managers expect flexible work-from-home policies after the pandemic recedes. And, over 70% of the workforce expect to take advantage of that. Organizations need dynamic and cloud-based solutions to stay on top of their game. 

Microsoft is actively creating advanced practices to help Canadian companies succeed in this hybrid work and learning environment. Forrester recently published a report naming Microsoft a pioneer in enterprise collaboration solutions. Microsoft leads the industry as the top collaboration tools provider in the wake of the pandemic. Microsoft offers a market-leading set of business solutions that suits such a wide range of sizes and types that it can be challenging to choose the right Microsoft solution that fits your business. 

Canadian companies can now take advantage of modern Microsoft avenues for collaboration, connectivity, and productivity. Microsoft’s robust cloud-based application suites have enabled businesses to reduce computing costs and boost performance. 

Microsoft Best Apps Conference

Microsoft & VOX ISM are hosting the biggest Canadian Microsoft Partner online event – Microsoft Best Apps Conference.

In this conference, we’ll showcase the Top 10 Microsoft Cloud Apps that will help Canadian businesses to embark on their digital transformation journey in the current economic environment.

Best Apps Conference Fall 2021

You Should Attend Microsoft Best Apps Conference If:  

  1. You are looking for new ideas, trends and applications to help support your growing business.
  2. Your business has changed since COVID, but your ERP and CRM system hasn’t. It would be best if you now had mobile access, better security, better reporting, and a system that could keep up with continuous improvements.
  3. You are looking to invest in automation to reduce costs and labour in Finance, Manufacturing, Quality or Supply Chain departments.
  4. You are finding ways to unify relationships, processes, and data with connected, comprehensive cloud business applications.
  5. You want to discover how to provide a safer workplace with tools to maintain productivity as teams work remotely.
  6. You want to learn how to get funding and grants to accelerate the adoption of new technology.
  7. You want to hear directly from Microsoft experts about hundreds of new applications, features, and capabilities of Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Power Platform 2021 release wave 2.

So join us and experience tomorrow’s innovations for your business – today.