Good news everyone! Microsoft CRM 2018 on its way, technically it’s called Dynamics 365 V9 but we won’t bother you with semantics.

New Microsoft CRM 2018 features to power productivity

In total there’s over 20 new features that will drastically improve your sales, service, and overall productivity. Technical upgrades aside let’s focus on the new features you’ll be interacting with everyday.

Business edition – designed for small businesses, with small business price tag. The Finance & Operations app is already available with the connected Sales, and Marketing apps coming out in early 2018.

Unified Client Interface (UCI) – Microsoft’s new layout adapts to all devices and screens to provide a consistent experience. The key changes include the removal of excess white space, improved themes, improved dashboard chart filtering and drill-downs. Just have a look for yourself.

Microsoft CRM 2018 UCI

New Activity Timeline – Finally the Social Pane is getting a redesign. Instead of multiple tabs the information will now be displayed in a linear timeline. It will also include more actions that can be performed without having to open up the activity.

Microsoft CRM 2018 new activity timeline

Improved Business Process Flows – The newly designed layout will make interacting with the business process flows easier. Mostly, it’s easier to read, and easier to enter data.

Improved Mobile Experience – With the new UCI working from your mobile device is easier than ever. New pinch-and-zoom capabilities to enlarge views, new chart and list views on a single screen, new navigation between sections and tabs, interactive dashboards with filters, Relevance Search and more.

Microsoft CRM 2018 UCI mobile

and there’s even more to come. Stay tuned with Vox ISM will keep you in the know.

To see what’s available today, or plan for the future contact us.