In Microsoft Dynamics NAV & CRM 2017 there are 47 modules, 12,500+ programs, and 545 standard reports that cover every conceivable topic for the 170,000+ NAV customer around the world. How do I know this? I spent an entire weekend with 3 team members and looked at every report in the system.  A very long weekend!

The average Vox ISM Microsoft Manufacturing Customer goes through 5 steps to get the management information they need to run and improve their business:

  1. Standard reports and forms (Income statement, Balance sheets), and correct forms (13 standard forms such as Purchase orders, order acknowledgements, invoices, checks, etc.)
  2. Dashboards to give you your key metrics
  3. The ability to download to Excel to do analysis
  4. Vox – Business Intelligence (BI) Cubes to do detailed analysis (Sales, Financials, Manufacturing, and Supply Chain.
  5. And Power BI – where the cool kids play. Also we have just started working with Artificial Intelligence (AI), this will be the story in 2018

This reporting evolution often takes a year to get in place, and leads to many surprises for the customer. The BI brings past mistakes to light, and gives you the data you need to improve your business.

See Below for the evolution of management reporting from a 1985 style income statement to a dashboard in Power BI (available on any device)  

Monthly income statement - old

Power BI and management on multiple devices

To see Microsoft for Manufacturing Software’s’ Management reporting in action, please join us by registering for the free event below.

“Drive your business with Big Data – Management Reporting”

Oct 26 - Management reporting

October 26, 2017 – 1:30 pm EDT – 3:00pm
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