A phone call is the backbone to any sales reps’ healthy pipeline. This seemingly simple activity generates valuable insight and can move the prospect through the sales cycle much faster than emails & text messages alone. So how does a Sales Rep make a successful phone call? What are the steps and how can the rep be the most effective? With the help of Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM!

  1. Decide on who you are going to call? What products/event would this prospect be interested in?
  2. Create the Marketing List – List of the prospects to be targeted.
  3. The System creates the Phone Call Activity in CRM with the appropriate Due Date
Microsoft Dynamics CRM Phone Call

Once the phone call activities have been created, you are now readily capable to complete 60 phone calls daily, of which 1 of 7 will be picked up (answered). By having these phone call activities created, it is easy to stay on top of prospects. Not only does Microsoft Dynamics365  CRM allow for you to keep on top of your prospect communications, but Automated Workflows make this entire process even easier; with the click of a button (Left Voicemail) the phone call is automatically re-scheduled for the sales rep. and an email is sent out.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM_VOX ISM Sales & Marketing
The VOX ISM sales team getting trained to make a productive phone call.

Interested to learn more about Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM?

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