Vox 2015 MSDynamics launch It’s official; we have launched Microsoft Dynamics CRM/NAV 2015 for our own daily operations.

As a Sales organization, the improvements to the product selling features will help us increase sales. Here are a few examples of the new benefits of the system:


  • Easily add products to the system and bundle related products together so that salespeople can increase sales by encouraging customers to buy a group of products instead of single items. Offering discounts on bundled products.
  • By providing tailored price lists based on a salesperson’s territory, or on the customer segment they’re assigned to.
  • Localize the product catalog for different regions. Making product details available to salespeople in their preferred language with specified information i.e. export/import field translations, and localize product attributes.
  • All products and product bundles are visible to salespeople in hierarchical charts (similar to org charts). Products, availability and their relation are presented in a visual way when putting together an order making it less likely to miss a potential sales opportunity. Recommendations for cross-selling and up-selling are also made available.

We’re excited to use and tell you about the many new features available in Microsoft Dynamics CRM /NAV 2015, not only for sales but every aspect of your business.