Microsoft Dynamics Fall Software Releases

If you are interested in learning more about the Microsoft Fall release join us in person on Sept. 13 at the Mississauga Convention Center from 1:30-3:00 PM. VOX ISM will be presenting Microsoft Software for Canadian Businesses in Fall 2023 and Beyond. Find out first hand how Microsoft can help your business succeed.

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Microsoft roadmap and direction – Release Wave 2 is coming in early October. Here is a summary of the key features:


Business Central – Continued application improvements in multicompany features and in inventory and warehousing.

1. Add more columns to pages for better insight

2. Availability overview helps you calculate quantities in your warehouse

3. Configure how to handle different warehouse operations

4. Do financial consolidations across environments in multicompany in Excel on item journals and warehouse worksheets Users, automatically

5. Identify and track items easier with item references

6. Improved processes for inventory counts and adjustments

7. Improved processes in warehousing and inventory


CRM – focus on Copilot and Sales Automation

Copilot –

1. Know your account better with AI-generated account summary

2. Elevate your customer engagements with AI-recommended content

3. Gear up for meetings with AI-generated preparation notes

4. Stay on top of your deals with AI-generated opportunity summaries

5. Stay on top of your lead with AI-generated lead summary

6. Stay updated with contextual news within Copilot chat

7. Follow up on emails using recommended actions


Sales execution and sales force automation

1. Modern and refreshed user experience with updated styling and controls

2. Empower seller to proactively pick next prioritized record based on business rule –

3. Improve success rate of assignment rules with harmonized pipeline monitoring

4. Notify sellers and sales managers after assignment rule execution