We would like to thank everyone who participated in last week’s Microsoft Dynamics (CRM/NAV/Power Apps) event. We had a great turnout for both events and hope you received valuable insight into what is new with Microsoft in fall 2023.

Please feel free to attend our weekly training Microsoft Dynamics webinars to gain further knowledge on how to optimize these systems to your organization’s benefit.


Vox presented the new fall Dynamics fall release (Wave II), this will start shipping in mid October and has many new features that you can use.  The UGM audience felt it was great to get a preview of these before they showed up on their users computers automatically in the fall.

Vox also presented Chat GPT fully integrated to many of the Microsoft products, this was re-branded by Microsoft and was called Co-Pilot.  “Copilots” essentially act as a co-driver in your technological journey, guiding users to maximize efficiency. Just imagine a scenario where your software can predict what you are trying to achieve and provide recommendations or automate the process without you having to break the flow of your work.

Vox has scheduled 33 new training webinars, to happen Tuesday to Thursday every week at 1:30 (45 minutes sessions), we hope you can join us at the ones that look most valuable to you.

Microsoft & VOX ISM Ontario User Group Meeting